Who We Are...What We do
Outline of the organization

Feb. 2002: Formed in Japan by a group of Japanese dentists.
Aug. 2002: Recognized for an NPO juridical Cabinet office group.
Sept. 2003: In cooperation with a supporting society for orphans and Handicapped children who are recognized by the Vietnamese
Government (HASHO).
Jan. 2004: Obtain an activity license from the Vietnamese government
Affiliated agency “People’s Aid Coordinating Committee”
Apr. 2004: Establish our Dental Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City.
Nov.2004: Started dental examination in our Dental Clinic

Purpose of JAVDO

JAVDO was established to help unfortunate children in developing nations; children who are starving for love from their families and need confidence and support to undergo dental health treatment.

The number of members

Up to March,2016
1. 34 (Dentists)
2. 82 (General members)
3. 28 (Participation registration members)

Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan

The chairperson’s message

I have been a practicing dentist for more than 25 years. In this time, I have only helped patients within a close distance of my dental office. I believe that I have succeeded in the practice of giving dental health treatment to many people.I aimed to be a dentist ever since I entered Hiroshima University. After graduation I worked hard to make my mark in this field. Fortunately, I think my efforts have had positive results.Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity of being the officer of the “Dental Medical Association” in my area, the “Dental Medical Association of Hiroshima”and also the “Japan Dental Medical Association”. In these positions I was able to continue my dedication to the improvement of dental health medical treatment in Japan. When I began to look back at the time I spent as a practitioner and officer I was satisfied with my work. I felt, however, an empty space in the corner of my heart.After the war, the economy of Japan developed as quickly as lightning. In order for Japan to fully recover at that time, we had to make a united effort as a nation. Our economy improved because we worked together with dedication to our country. Now, we have many things and we can live comfortably. In our daily lives, attachment to money and consumer goods is perhaps too significant. Only now, perhaps with the association of the environment, education is coming more into focus.
These days, a complete and successful economy is not the most important aspect of our daily living. We should try to place more importance in our lives on how we can improve with regards to our humanitarian efforts. The empty space in my heart and the movement in our society is to search for new sets of values in this century that will overlap with each other. As a result, I have focused my energy on strengthening my capacity to help others in my life and will continue to do more from now on. Thus I began the NGO program (JAVDO).
Dr. Michiharu Fujioka
The chairperson of JAVDO

Messages from local manager

Date: 18 October 2004
From: Women's Union of District 7
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

To: Japan Voluntary Dental Organization

Subject: Some impression and feelings on JAVDO

Dear sirs and madams,

On 10 October 2004, we were honourable to being visited by a group dentists of JAVDO fulfilling a dental examination activity at our district, through the co-ordination of the Hochiminh city Association for the Support of Handicapped and Orphans (HASHO).
JAVDO members' visitation and medical activity have left deep impression on us who are working for improving our disabled and poor children's condition. From far-away Japan, through your voluntary work, you brought our children not only medical care but also human affection regardless of the linguistic and national difference. Although the children's cheeks were bathed in tears for pains because their decayed teeth were extracted at that time, they would understand that they were cared by the people with so kind hearts. Some noticeable events usually are engraved on children's memory. We believe that our children may remember they once have been cared by Japanese dentists. That impression may sow the seed of belief in goodness all their lives, and they may be able to become good adults afterwards.Under the name of Vietnamese children, we are sincerely grateful to you for your meaningfully humanitarian support. We wish JAVDO would achieve great success in its helpful activities.

Yours faithfully,

Management of Women's Union of District 7
Date: 20 October 2004
From: Mr. Huynh Ba Tran

Principal of Hy Vong School for Disabled Pupils
Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

To: Dr. Michiharu Fujioka
President of Japan Voluntary Dental Organization

Subject: Acknowledgment

Dear Dr. Fujioka and JAVDO's members,

We had the honour of welcoming you on the dental examination activity at our school on 9 October 2004, which was carried out through the co-ordination of the Hochiminh city Association for the Support of Handicapped and Orphans (HASHO).
By compact, orderly and sufficient dental instruments, but most important of all, and by scientific, enthusiastic and hard working, you made medically perfect examination and treatment for over 100 of our disabled pupils for a short time. We really admire as well as greatly appreciate your voluntary work. Thank you so much for your magnanimous deep.We sincerely wish you and all your families good health for your benevolent hearts would shine forever.

Yours faithfully,


Mr. Huynh Ba Tran

(signed and sealed)

特定非営利活動法人 日本歯科ボランティア機構